owing to ... / due to ...


owing to は副詞的に用いる(副詞句を導く)。
due to は形容詞的に用いる。

owing to は副詞的に用いられ、動詞を修飾したり、節を修飾する。
Forecasts of the tracks of hurricanes have improved steadily over the past three decades, owing to a combination of better observations and much improved numerical models.

一方で、due to は形容詞的に用いられる。形容詞の用法には、



The overall increase of CPU time due to radiation computations in the SP domain is about 25%.


The formation of secondary eyewalls is due to the interaction between the basic vortex and vortex Rossby waves.

このような叙述的用法の場合の”is due to”は”is attributed to”に置き換えた方がよい場合もある。


The added intensity is owing to decreased ocean feedback, which in turn is due to the anomalous upper-ocean heat content of the warm eddy.

Due to local conditional instability, deep convective elements occur in the outer region.