The scientific goal of the GEWEX Asian Monsoon Experiment (GAME) is to understand deeply the mechanism of the Asian monsoon variation and its association with the continental-scale energy and water cycle and to develop the prediction method of the change in water resources and occurrence of natural disaster in each region of the Asian monsoon area.

        The GAME-Subtropics (HUBEX:the Huaihe River Basin Experiment) is one of regional experiments of the GAME, which was carried out in the East-Asian monsoon region, mainly in the China Huaihe River Basin and its surrounding region during 1996-2000. The purpose of the GAME/HUBEX is to establish good-quality meteorological and hydrological data-base in the region by intensified observation and four-dimensional data assimilation, to understand the energy and water cycle in the atmosphere and land-surface system, including Baiu-front (Meiyu-front) and meso-scale precipitating cloud systems, and to develop regional-scale/meso-scale coupled meteorologial-hydrological numerical model.